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Make each service a personal tribute

We know every family is unique. We will help you plan a service, assist you with the many choices and provide support for you and your loved ones in your time of grief.

We help you plan within your budget

We are able to provide the most elaborate funeral service to the simplest graveside ceremony, the most unusual memorial service, to the most basic cremation.

"Religious and cultural traditions, personal preferences and cost concerns make each service as unique as the person being honored."


We offer many choices for meaningful remembrance, with funeral services appropriate to every faith and every culture.

Our funeral directors will work with you to plan the perfect service. We'll help you with the many options and details that will make it a personal, lasting tribute to your loved one.

Traditional Funeral

A traditional funeral is a funeral where the deceased is present for the service followed by either burial in a cemetery or cremation.

Non-traditional Funeral

A non-traditional funeral is a funeral that meets the needs of different ethnic groups such as the First Nations people.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is a funeral where the deceased in not present because burial or cremation has taken place before the actual service. Sometimes this type of service would be called a "Service of Remembrance" or "A Celebration of Life".


Cremation is the disposition of a deceased person by burning of the body in a special retort built for that purpose. A cremation can take place following a funeral service or before a service. The ashes can then be buried, scattered or kept at home.

All cremations are done at Rocky Funeral Home & Crematorium in Rocky Mountain House.


We have built a small library of books relating to "Death & Dying".

We have books written by well-known authors in the field of death & dying such as Rabbi Earl Grollman, Doug Manning, Maria Trozzi and Therese A. Rando. These books are loaned out to anyone who needs help to understand what is happening in their world of grief or if they just want more information.

We have coloring books for young children who have experienced the death of a grandma or grandpa. Also available are several books dealing the death of a child.

See a list of books in our library.

Grief Counseling

A part of our support for those in grief, we have a program that includes a series of 4 books writing by Doug Manning that we mail to those who have lost their spouse, child or anyone who is suffering extreme grief due to the death of a loved one. These books deal with the many phases of grief.

We also have small pamphlets that deal with the "The First Days of Grief", "Estate Planning", "Why We Have A Funeral", and coping with death by different members of the family, i.e. the spouse, siblings.

We are also a part of a program "Healing Heart or Come Unto Me". These books are sent to the family of a deceased person. The books are supported by various businesses in the town. They is sent to the family in memory of their loved one at no cost to the family.

See all the books we have available in our library.


We offer a wide selection of

  • Caskets - cloth and wood, rental casket (cremation only)
  • Urns -wood, bronze, cultured marble, ceramic, pewter, crystal, scattering
  • Keepsakes and keep sake necklaces
  • Keepsake "Gund" teddy bears
  • Memorial candles
  • A wide selection of memorial books, service folders and bookmarks, printed in-house


Monuments are another way to remember a loved one. They are available in various sizes, shapes and colors. We can do a computerized rendering of a monument upon request.

We have been agents for Remco Memorials for more than 30 years.

Digital Tributes & Slideshows

Tributes and slideshows can be created, as well as musical selections that reflect your loved ones' life. These are adapted to meet the needs of each family and are kept on file for future reference.


"Thumbies" are impressions of the deceased's thumb that are taken and then manufactured into gold or silver charms and other jewelry. They are one way to immortalize a loved one.

For personalized jewelry keepsakes that create comfort and keep memories alive visit the Thumbies website. To place an order, please call (403) 845-2626 or use our contact form.

Join Us for a Special Occasion

We host a special Candlelight Service at the end of November or beginning of December to commemorate the lives of those who have passed away in the past year.

Invitations are sent to the families although all who grieve are welcome to attend. This service is meant to help those who grieve prepare for the Christmas season by coming together with others who grieve and lighting a candle in memory of the deceased.

Our family is committed to caring for your family regardless of race or religion. We provide attentive, compassionate service from the first phone call until long after the funeral is over.

We will help you plan a service, assist you with the many choices and provide support for you and your loved ones in your time of grief. We know every family is unique, and we strive to help you make each service a personal tribute.

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