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If not embalmed, the deceased must be buried or cremated within 72 hours of death.

Cremated remains can be scattered anywhere except in a National Park. They can also be buried in a cemetery, on the family farm or any other location chosen by family.

This depends on the selected cemetery. All cemeteries have their own regulations for grave liners and monuments. Most cemeteries have Perpetual care fees that cover the upkeep of the cemetery. The use of a grave liner assists in the maintenance of the cemetery by decreasing the settling of the graves.

No. However, having a service whether it is a traditional funeral, a memorial service or a come-and-go tea, gives the family an opportunity to share their grief and memories with their community.

A service also provides a forum for friends to assist those who mourn by supporting them with their friendship.

The average cost of funeral is determined by the type of casket selected and the place of burial.

Yes. Cremation is less expensive due to the fact that a casket or cemetery plot is not required. If a casket is desired for the purpose of viewing or the deceased being present at the funeral service, we have a rental casket.

Yes. It is recommended. If at all possible viewing should take place. This provides a chance for the family to say their final goodbyes and also provides the funeral home with positive identification before cremation takes place.

No. We use a draped stretcher or the rental casket is requested.

For this to happen, special arrangements need to be made. We would require that a disclaimer be signed regarding the possibility of delayed stress reaction.

Yes, we will attend your home to make funeral arrangements on request.

Sometimes it is more convenient for you to come to the funeral home to make arrangements especially when a casket or urn needs to be selected. We do have pictures you can view but pictures can be deceiving and may not accurately represent the product.

As part of the arrangements, we will assist you with preparing obituaries and emailing them to the respective newspaper along with a picture.

We only do Sunday funerals under special circumstances and there may be additional charges for a Sunday service, i.e. overtime by cemetery owner for opening and closing grave, overtime by the vault company if vault required.

Planning ahead is one of the most considerate and compassionate things you can do for your family. You can spare them the burden of having to make complex arrangements at a most difficult time.

Consult with us at any time about your wishes.

To assist with this process, please download our planning document (PDF).

Our family is committed to caring for your family regardless of race or religion. We provide attentive, compassionate service from the first phone call until long after the funeral is over.

We will help you plan a service, assist you with the many choices and provide support for you and your loved ones in your time of grief. We know every family is unique, and we strive to help you make each service a personal tribute.

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